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The Best Collectible Coins To Gift This Christmas

The holidays are fast approaching, and with them comes the pressure to come up with the perfect gift. But as more and more things move toward the digital space, it can be challenging to come up with a unique and tangible gift that will be genuinely appreciated.

Collectible coins are a fantastic gift to give for many reasons. They also have a wide-ranging appeal and can be gifted to people with zero experience or avid collectors of silver or gold coins. They make a fantastic gift for kids, grandkids, parents, or siblings and for people who pay a lot of attention to their investments or people who haven’t started yet.

There are few people who would turn down a shining gift of gold or silver coins. As the famous song puts it, “Silver and gold, Silver and gold, Everyone wishes, For silver and gold.”

But if you’re considering gifting collectible coins, some questions will likely pop up. Will the recipient like them or understand the benefits? Should you opt for silver or gold coins? Collectible Canadian coins or international coins? What coins make the best gifts?

We’ve got you covered in this guide to the best coins to give this holiday season, as well as the many benefits these gifts bring and the best ways to gift them.

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Why Collectible Coins Make a Great Gift

If you’re considering giving coins as gifts and collectibles, you likely know some of the benefits, but do you know how many benefits they come with?

Collectible coins, whether silver or gold, are a great entrance into the world of bullion for people who may not have considered it before. Coins are something familiar to everyone, so they can be a more accessible entrance than bars.

Additionally, while gold and silver bars are also a great gift idea and less expensive when compared to the price of gold coins, many people will be more interested in the history and design of the coins in addition to their value.

There are many unique designs on coins, and mints regularly release limited-edition commemorative bullion coins that will make an exciting addition to any collection.

These coins are valuable and practical gifts. Compared to a piece of paper representing ownership of a stock or bond, coins are physical, tangible products. The recipient can see and hold them, which makes them more fun to give and receive.

Bullion is a great way to begin for anyone embarking on the first stages of investing. There are few barriers to entry, and giving the gift of an early investment is, just like the coins you gift, likely to appreciate in value over time.

What to Consider When Gifting Collectible Coins

If you’re planning to gift collectible coins or any type of bullion, it’s important to think about several different factors – especially if the recipient is unfamiliar with owning bullion.

It’s similar to when someone receives a puppy as a gift. Suppose this person has never owned a puppy before and hasn’t done their own research into owning a puppy (or has only researched the fun stuff and not the hard work involved with caring for and training a puppy). In that case, it’s irresponsible to just hand the puppy over without giving them what they need to start: a leash, food dishes, the name of a veterinarian and information about training schools.

Of course, a puppy is a living, breathing animal, but the takeaway remains. Gold and silver coins and bars make fantastic gifts, but they also come with responsibility, which many beginners may need to familiarize themselves with. Whether the person you plan to gift coins to has zero prior knowledge or has done some research into the value of coins but not into the practicalities, you should plan accordingly.

Be prepared to share knowledge about storing your gold and silver at home, whether they should look into insuring their collectible coins, the logistics involved, and tips for cleaning your coins to ensure the recipient understands the significance of the gift.

For those who are new to bullion investing, you might want to suggest booking a free bullion consultation with Global Bullion Suppliers to learn the basics, including terms they should know, how the buying and selling process works and more. We’re here to help!

Pile of gold and silver bullion coins including, Royal Canadian Mint, U.S. Mint, Australian Mint of Perth, Münze Österreich and Krugerrand

Best Collectible Coins to Gift

Collectible coins make great gifts for many people and many reasons, but which ones make the best gifts? It can depend on whether you’re gifting to a collector or newcomer, but overall there are many solid picks, and it’s hard to go wrong.

From crowd-pleasing best sellers to limited edition releases and sets, let’s look at some of the best options to gift this holiday season.

Canadian Maple Leaf

Overall, Royal Canadian Mint coins make some of the best possible gifts, as they are well known for their sterling reputation in producing high-quality products. The Gold Maple Leaf and Silver Maple Leaf are both best-selling collectible Canadian coins.

The 1 oz Gold Maple is one of the most widely recognized and purchased bullion coins and has been since the first were minted in 1979. The obverse of the Gold Maple Leaf features Queen Elizabeth II (there have been no official updates on King Charles II replacing the Queen on currency or bullion coins in Canada), while the reverse of this gold coin depicts the iconic Canadian Maple Leaf. The Maple Leaf bullion collectible gold coins are 999+ fine pure gold and are some of the world’s foremost gold bullion coins. The Maple Leaf’s classic design is recognized across the globe, and its fineness and bullion content bring about a valued investment.

The Silver Maple is a .9999 fine 1 oz silver collectible Canadian coin. These special silver coins are finer than the .999 coins produced by other mints. With advanced minting technologies, the RCM has created diffracting light patterns on the obverse that provide additional layers of authenticity. The reverse of the coin features the famous maple leaf.

Canadian Maple Leaf coins are consistent best sellers and quality products. They make a great gift due to their security features, purity of .9999, and worldwide recognition.

International Coins

One of the best parts about collectible gold coins and collectible silver coins is the appeal of finding and collecting international coins. There are some widely known coins that are fun and valuable additions to a collection.

American Eagle coins are best-sellers both within the United States and internationally, featuring the famous Walking Liberty design that’s become a hallmark of the bullion industry. Although, it should be noted that American Eagle collectible gold coins are not fine (99.9%) gold bullion. Rather they are made of 22K (99.17%) gold. As such, they are not considered investment products and are subject to Canadian sales taxes.

Australia’s Perth Mint is another globally-recognized name in the bullion world and one of the few that offers another four nines fine coin, featuring one of the country’s most famous animals.

Other widely known examples include the Britannia, Austrian Philharmonic, Mexican Libertad, and the South African Krugerrand. In addition to collectible Canadian coins, these all make great investments and gifts. As long as the coins are recognizable and from a well known mint, they are a good start or addition to any collection.

Limited and Special Edition Coins

There are some truly stunning and impressive Royal Canadian Mint and world mint collectibles. These coins often mark an anniversary or special event, providing the opportunity to further tailor your gift based on the intended recipient’s interests. From history buffs, sports lovers, art lovers and more, coin designs can appeal to a wide range of interests.

From Queen Elizabeth II’s accession to the throne, D-Day, or the 1972 Canada/Russia Hockey Series, there are collectible coins to celebrate the anniversaries of important events. Coloured coins are an attractive option and showcase everything from seasons and plants to star charts and sunsets. There are collectible silver coins featuring striking images of nature, dinosaurs, and even Superman.

Sets and Kits

Another option is to buy a coin set or kit. These are often for a complete series of limited edition or anniversary coins that come in full sets and are both aesthetically pleasing and can be a great way to really jumpstart interest in collecting.

For new investors who are eager to jump into collectible silver coins, you can also gift a Silver Starter Kit. The kit contains 1 oz Silver Maple Leaf coins, either totalling 5 oz, 15 oz, or 25 oz. All kits include a Silver Maple Leaf tube, cloth glove, thank you care with a discount code for the next purchase, and a Global Bullion pen and tracking card to learn more about tracking a bullion investment.

Collectible coins are just the thing to put under the tree for someone you want to give a gift that will keep on giving as time goes on. If you’re still unsure about the perfect collectible coin to gift, you can contact Global Bullion Suppliers and talk to us about what you’re looking for.

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