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Canada's Most Trusted Source For Bullion Investments!

We provide you with competitive, up-to-minute live pricing and we make sure your precious metals are delivered discreetly and fully insured.


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128E Cumberland Street, Toronto, ON, M5R 1A6

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Yes, and it's tax free. You can buy gold online from GBS. We are one of Canada’s top gold bullion suppliers and offer FREE INSURED shipping on orders over $250. 

We carry a variety of gold bullion products from mints such as the RCM and PAMP.


Our RCM Gold Bullion Products include:

1 oz Gold Bar

1 oz Maple Leaf Gold Coins

½ oz Maple Leaf Gold Coins

¼ oz Maple Leaf Gold Coins

1/10 oz Maple Leaf Gold Coins

25g Maplegram Sheet (25 x 1g Gold Coins )


We also carry additional gold bullion products including:

A wide variety of sizes and products from the PAMP Suisse Mint - including the 1 oz  Lady Fortuna PAMP Suisse Gold bar, 100g, 50g, 20g, 10g, 5g and 1g variations.

We even carry the 25g Lady Fortuna PAMP Suisse sheet (which is 25x 1g gold bars) )

If you have any other questions please give us a call at 1 (800) 427-4045 or chat with us live!

You can buy gold bars here, on our website! Bars are also referred to as wafers, or ingots. We offer a variety including RCM, PAMP, Credit Suisse & more!

We recommend that in general, you only buy gold bullion and silver bullion products from reputable bullion dealers. For example, GBS is an authorized dealer with the Royal Canadian Mint - which gives any bullion dealer instant credibility.

We not recommend buying from the bank, as the premiums and prices are generally much higher.

While price is the major factor when it comes to investing, you should always make sure you are buying your bullion from a reputable source and a well established bullion dealer in Canada. This guarantees the purity and ensures that your gold bullion will be genuine. For example, GBS is a DNA dealer registered with the RCM.

If your goal is to buy cheaper gold bullion , we recommend lower premium products, such as a pre owned product. You can also purchase in bulk - as we offer tiered pricing / savings based on quantity.

Always do your due diligence when it comes to buying gold bullion and silver bullion. We recommend by starting with a phone call to the company to see how they treat a prospective client - or reading reviews on google!

Whether you buy 1 oz of the form of a coin, bar, or round – you essentially hold 1 oz of gold bullion.

There are a few main differences that separates a coin from a bar and a round.

Coins are minted by sovereign mints and government entities - which allows each coin to have a legal tender attribution from the country they were minted. For example, the 1 oz maple leaf gold coins have a $50 face value.

Coins are also world known and recognizeable, since they are associated to the countries that produce them.

Examples of these coins  include:

The Maple Leaf from the RCM

The Eagle from the US Mint

The Britannia from the Royal Mint

The Krugerrand from the South African Mint

The Philharmonic from the Austrian Mint

The Kangaroo from the Australian Mint

Overall purity can also play a factor. Most coins have a  purity of 99.99%, whereas some bars and rounds will have a purity of 99.90% However, the overall value of gold bullion will still be 1 oz, no matter which piece you own.

Bars can be government minted, or privately minted. Rounds are generally privately minted.

Bars (ingots, wafers) and rounds will always carry a lower premium (price above the spot price) vs coins - as the manufacturing cost is cheaper.

Some people believe that it will be easier to get better price when reselling a coin vs a bar vs a round – but this is all dependent on the coin dealers you sell to and the relationship you have built with these gold dealers

The large majority of gold dealers and silver dealers in Canada focus entirely on the precious metal, purity and weight when they are buying the product back. As the large majority of these products are mass produced - there is no true advantage to a coin over a round - if you get paid the same price when you sell it down the line.

Thats why we always recommend trying to buy bullion as close to the spot price as possible, regardless of the product.

As long as its a well known and resellable product - you will always be safe to sell!

This refers to the purity of the coin itself. Gold bullion coins with 9999 fineness are considered to be 99.99% pure, whereas an item with a 999 fineness is considered 99.90% pure.

Whether you hold 1 troy oz of 9999 or 999, it is still 1 troy oz of the precious metal.

In the bullion industry, purity is determined by "fineness". All pieces sold by GBS have a minimum fineness of 99.9% - as is the minimum requirement to be considered a gold bullion investment vehicle in Canada.

24 Karat refers to the purity of the gold (primarily used in the jewellery industry, it is measured on the 24k scale.)

For example, this would make 18k jewellery 75% pure , as it is simply 18/24 on the karat scale.

In Canada, gold bullion is considered an investment vehicle and is exempt of tax. For a gold bullion piece to be considered investment grade, it must have a minimum of 99.5% purity. For a piece of silver bullion , it must have a purity of 99.9% .

Most residents of Canada believe that 1 oz Maple Leaf coins from RCM is the best product to buy. This is due to the security features, purity of 9999 (99.99%), the fact that this piece of gold bullion is known world-wide - and of course, we are a proud nation who buy our own product!


At GBS, we believe any gold coins (which means it was minted by a government entity and has a legal tender attributed to it) are a good piece to buy and add to your collection. Some other popular gold coins include the 1 oz Eagle from the US mint, the 1 oz Britannia from the Royal Mint, the 1 oz Philharmonic from the Austrian Mint, etc.

As long as the gold coins you purchase are recognizable and from well known mints - they are all great investments!

The price of gold bullion is constantly changing, as it is linked to the live price of gold. We recommend using a website like Kitco to help you determine the current live prices of precious metals. This website also shows gold bullion price in oz, gram, kilogram, etc.

Bullion products are generally worth the amount a bullion dealer would pay for it.

This is the generally "spot price" of the precious metal - or sometimes a few percentage points below the spot price - depending on their overall position on the metal, current inventory levels and overall volatility of the precious metals market at the time of sale.

Your goal should always be to pay as little above the spot price when buying investment precious metals. Keep in mind, when buying a coin or a more unique item, the premiums and the amount over spot will always be higher than a round, bar, or a generic or pre owned product

There really is no fixed number of what you should pay over spot for gold bullion. The closer you can purchase to the spot price at the time of purchase, the better - as this maximizes your investment and the gains realized when you decide to sell.

For example, a brand new 1 oz gold coin - will always be the highest premium.

The next cheapest option will likely be a brand new bar or round.

The overall best value purchase would be pre owned product, as this will be the closest to the spot price.

Each investor is different, so it depends on the individual person.

Looking for advice on investing in precious metals? Book your FREE consultation today!

You can buy gold bullion from the bank - but we would strongly advise against it. You will pay a much higher price and the bank will not provide you with any guidance on how the gold bullion market works.

Instead, we recommend buying from a well recognized bullion dealer like GBS. You will generally pay less per oz when you buy - get paid more when you sell - and most importantly - the major advantage is that we care about your investment!

Book a FREE consultation to get started in precious metal investments on the right track!

You can buy gold online from the GBS website or in person from our storefront location.

Any orders with a value over $250 qualify for FREE insured shipping.

The general recommendation is to consistently buy and sell gold with the same bullion dealer .

By creating a relationship with your bullion dealer , they will tend to provide you with a better payment - as there is incentive to keep their client happy!

Its best to find silver dealers online or in person that have a reputation of providing excellent customer service.

At GBS - our primary focus is customer service. We will always go above and beyond to ensure that we are the best Canadian gold buyers and silver dealers in Canada.

Yes! You can buy silver bullion online from GBS or in person at our storefront location.

We are one of Canada’s top suppliers who offer FREE INSURED shipping on orders over $250 and carry a variety of silver bullion products from a variety of mints.

Our RCM products include:

1 oz Maple Leaf, 10 oz Magnificent Maple Leaf, 10 oz RCM Bar and the 100 oz silver bullion bar.

We carry a wide variety of other silver coins , including:

1 oz Eagle from the US mint

1 oz Britannia from the Royal Mint,

1 oz Philharmonic from the Austrian Mint

1 oz Krugerrand from the South African Mint

1 oz Kangaroo from the Australian Mint

1 oz Libertad from the Mexican mint

As well as an assortment of 2 oz , 5 oz, 10 oz, 1 kg and 100 oz Silver Bullion products.

Whether you buy 1 oz of silver bullion in the form of a coin, bar, or round – you essentially hold 1 oz of silver bullion.

The major differences are the price, manufacturer and design.

Coins are minted from a government entity, hold a legal tender attribution in the country of their manufacturing and usually have higher manufacturing costs. That makes them the most expensive product.

However, the overall value will still be 1 oz, no matter which piece you own.

Bars (ingots, wafers) and rounds will hold the same weight of precious metal, but will not have a legal tender or may be missing certain security features or details.

People believe that it will be easier to get a higher premium when reselling a coin vs a bar vs a round – but this is all dependent on the silver dealers you sell to and the time of sale.

Most silver buyers look at an oz of silver as an oz of silver, regardless of the type of product.

This refers to the purity of the item itself. A product with 9999 fineness is considered 99.99% pure , whereas an item with a 999 fineness is considered 99.90% pure.

Yes! The RCM Maple Leaf coin is one of our most popular products.

They are minted by the the Canadian government (RCM), and each coin carries a legal tender of $5. They have great security features and are world known - however, they do tend to hold a higher premium.

You can also take advantage of our Silver Starter Kits - which come in 5 oz, 15 oz and 25 oz increments to start your bullion investing portfolio!

We do believe all bullion is a good investment – whether coins, bars or rounds.

All silver bullion coins have a minimum purity level of 99.9% pure (commonly seen in the industry as .999). The RCM Maple Leaf is considered to be the purest silver coin, as it is actually .9999 (99.99% pure, versus other rounds which may be 99.90% pure). The RCM even released a 99999 fine coin - although the overall weight will always be the same 1 oz.

Any coin, round, or bar that is considered genuine bullion will have a stamping or indication of what the purity level is. A minimum acceptable level is .999 in Canada.

Most bullion silver coins are a minimum of 99.90% silver. Some are even more pure, at 99.99% silver.

However, most countries circulated silver coins prior to the 1970s.

For example, circulated coins from Canada will either be 92.5%, 80% or 50% silver.

Most American circulated silver will be 90% or 40% silver.

Products known as “junk silver” (CAD circulated coins and USD circulated coins) would be taxed as they do not meet the minimum requirements for the silver bullion grade tax exemption

You do not pay tax on pure silver bullion. Any silver bullion piece that has a purity of 99.9% pure silver or more, is tax exempt in Canada.

Banks generally do not bullion from clients. When they do - it is at a much lower price than you would expect to receive from reputable bullion dealers or gold dealers . GBS is always in the market to buy and sell gold bullion and silver bullion .

Yes! Absolutely.

GBS will buy gold bullion and we buy silver bullion as well.

Our starting offer for 1 oz generally starts at 95% of the spot price – but this percentage of spot will change based on your relationship with GBS (all of our former customers get paid more, for example!) and the overall quantity of bullion looking to be sold.

Give us a call at 1 800 427 4045 for a FREE quote today!

GBS is proudly Canadian owned and operated out of Toronto.

Visit our storefront location in historic Yorkville Toronto, located at 128 Cumberland Street.

We have been a trusted name and bullion dealer in the marketplace for over 10 years.

We have a storefront location in downtown Toronto and encourage any new customers to come meet us face to face and have a discussion.

We are a RCM authorized DNA dealer.

We also share a storefront location with Muzeum (home of the Great Canadian Roadshow) – one of the highest rated gold dealers in Canada.

Feel free to give our stellar customer service team a call and find out why we are trusted gold dealers in Toronto

The large majority of Global Bullion Suppliers products come directly from a supplier that deals with each respective mint. This includes products from Royal Canadian Mint, US Mint, PAMP Suisse, Credit Suisse, Royal Mint, Austrian Mint, Australian Mint, South African Mint, Mexican Mint and more.

The “pre owned” products that you find on our website are products purchased from the general public, or from a supplier that is having a sale on more generic products.

All of our products have gone through our x-ray analysis and internal verification to ensure that the products meet the bullion standard.

You can feel confident that all gold and silver bullion purchased from GBS will be 100% genuine and easily resold when it comes time to realize the gains on your investment!

The majority of our online transactions can simply be done with first name, last name, phone number, billing address and shipping address.

In order to comply with the FINTRAC requirements of the Proceeds of Crime and Terrorist Financing Act, GBS goes above and beyond standard requirements to ensure and demonstrate that our clients are never under suspicion of criminal activity, as well as to complete transactions without delay and to the satisfaction of our clients.

Additionally, if an order in store exceeds $10,000 – we may request additional information by way of government issued ID, prior to the purchase being completed.

Due to the nature of the precious metals industry, supply-side issues may occasionally arise.

Should the situation occur, where we have more orders placed than inventory available, we reserve the right to delay delivery up to 30 days (from your expected shipping date) to fill your order.

You don’t need to worry about prices rising, as you’ve already locked a price in.

Should the value of your items decrease or increase in that time period, you will not be entitled to any market gain or loss.

We recommend that you never clean or polish your bullion. Tarnish, scratches, dents and blemishes are often the result of the minting process, handling or other factors. Generally, the value of bullion is based on the weight and the purity of the item. The only time the above could affect the value is if the item is drastically damaged, scratched or flawed - or if you have a piece that is considered numismatic (low mintage)

Unfortunately, at this time we do not offer any vaulting services. However, if you are looking for vaulting services - we would be happy to provide you with a few options.

Just give our customer service team a call!

Yes! We are one of the top Canadian dealers found on eBay under the username GlobalBullion. You can see our ebay page here: https://www.ebay.ca/usr/globalbullion

Click "items for sale" in the top right corner to view our live listings on eBay.

GBS began in the industry as a refiner and a wholesale dealer.

Due to the high volume of transactions - we have made many industry connections that give us the ability to skip most middle men.

Since then, we have decided to transfer the wholesale prices directly to the retail customer – allowing us to have the cheapest prices in Canada for gold bullion and silver bullion.

We also offer our best price guarantee - so if you ever find a comparable product, we will match it and even beat it!

No taxes apply in Canada. Any bullion sold meeting the requirement of 99.5% fine gold, or 99.9% fine silver are considered financial instruments under Canadian law and exempt of HST.

Global Bullion offers a wide variety of payment options.

Our most popular method of payment is e-transfer, due to the low fees and ability to pay in installments if your order exceeds your daily limit. We just require the first payment to made short after the purchase to lock in your metal price.

We also accept wire payment, bank drafts and cheques.

You also have the option to pay with credit card and paypal - but this will be a more expensive option.

Looking for a more personal experience? Visit our storefront location in downtown Toronto. We share our space with our sister company Muzeum Gold and Silver – which can accept payment of cash and debit!

Depending on your payment method, you will have information displayed after the checkout providing you generic information on how to provide payment.

You can also go to your account page and the details will be displayed underneath your historic orders.

If you ever have any questions or concerns related to making a payment, please feel free to reach out to our customer service team at 1-800-427-4045, contact us via chat or send an email to support@globalbullionsuppliers.com

Please read our terms of service and our refund policy for full details.

As a company, GBS is committed to client satisfaction. We always work with you to end your transaction positively.

Although rare in the precious metals industry, we accept returns on manufacturer-defective products. Depending on the nature of the issue, we reserve the right to exchange, return, or refund your funds as we see fit.

Please remember that our Market Loss policy always applies.

We offer a discount for any transaction that iscompleted using a preferred payment method. Our preferred payment methodsinclude e-transfer, cheque, bank draft, wire or debit.

Due to the industry being a high fraud risk - creditcard companies are charged the full 4% on transactions. Unfortunately thesefees must be transferred over to our customers.

We generally recommend choosing any payment method otherthan credit card or paypal to maximize your investment.

Due to a high level of fraud in our industry – weexercise the right to have an extended period of time for e-commercetransactions, where the payment method is bank draft, cheque or credit card.

The amount of time required for a clear is based on both the payment method andthe overall amount of the order.

Please feel free to give us a call at 1 800 427 4045with any questions or concerns.

Our website is open 24/7, which allows the easiestway to lock in a price. If you would like to place an order over the phone,customers can call us anytime for assistance in making an online order.

Reach out at 1 (800) 427-4045 anytime between 10:00 am – 6:00 pm EasternTime, Monday - Friday to speak to a trader.

Please note, a deposit is required for any type ofpricing to be locked.

No! We recommend ordering in a minimum of $250 ata time (to take advantage of our FREE shipping) but there is essentially no minimum and no maximum.

Buying in bulk generally will provide you with tiered discounts - so we recommend doing that when possible as well.

If you ever have any questions related to this, pleasefeel free to call us at 1-800-427-4045 and speak to a live trader for some guidance or book your FREE consultation.

Generally, you will receive your order within 3-5 business days of placing your order (assuming there is no product backorder or delay - which will always be identified in the listing itself).

Please note, your payment method will also determine how quickly we can expedite and process your order.

Credit card requires a minimum of 1 day anti-fraud analysis.

Cheques and bank drafts can take anywhere between 3-10 business days to clear, depending on the amount.

All orders will have a tracking number attributed to it which will automatically be e-mailed to you upon shipment.

GBS insurance policy covers all packages that are in transit.

You accept full liability if you have left instructions with any carriers or delivery service to leave parcels un-attended for you without the need for a signature.

You are also made responsible if you have given instructions to leave your package with someone else, such as a building manager, neighbor, drop off location, mailbox etc.

PLEASE NOTE: Once the package is marked as delivered, GBS assumes no responsibility or liability. We only cover packages that are lost in transit.

Yes! All orders over $250 come with FREE insured and tracked shipping


At the present time, due to COVID-19, all of our packages are shipped with the "CARD FOR PICKUP" option through Canada Post. This means a Canada Post representative will leave a notice on your door to pick up the package at your local Canada Post.

We find this is the best way to ensure safe delivery of your items - as signatures are not taken during COVID-19.

Please note, GBS does not accept liability for any packages that are marked delivered. We can only cover packages while they are in transit.

If you would like a UPS shipping, it would be possible upon special request. Please give our customer service team a call at 1-800-427-4045.

All orders over $250 qualify for FREE insured and tracked shipping!

If you fall below the $500 minimum It is dependent entirely on 3 main factors.

The address of the receiving party (major city vs urban vs rural)

The weight of the package (the heavier the package, the more expensive the shipping)

The package dimensions and size (we have automated and maximized our shipping process for this to be the cheapest possible for our customers)

Generally speaking, most packages will cost between $10 (urban, low weight) to $40 (rural, high weight).

At this time, we only ship within Canada. We plan on adding USA shipments in 2021.

Call - 1(800)427-4045

E-Mail - info@globalbullionsuppliers.com

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