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Royal Canadian Mint

Fine Silver Coin - Iconic Superman™ Comic Book Covers: Action Comics #419 from 1972 - Mintage: 10,000 (2014)

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“How do a pair of discarded football boots and a rusted pistol combine to menace everyone in Metropolis?” Why, the answer may be out of this world! In Action Comics #419, the story The Most Dangerous Man on Earth finds Clark Kent in orbit for a televised report on the launch of a telescope. But as soon as Clark sets foot back on the ground, he sets off a puzzling series of explosive chain reactions. Meanwhile, a small-time crook named Moe Malloy fishes out a pair of shoes and a gun from the river, and discovers they have unique characteristics that are perfectly suited for an unstoppable crime spree. It will be up to Superman to rise to the occasion once more and discover how these two mysterious anomalies might be linked.

Published in December 1972, Action Comics #419 featured a now-iconic cover that was made all the more memorable by Superman's expression of joy as he blasts upward, soaring high above the city below. But trouble looms, as foretold by the cover's tagline and the story title: “Wipe that smile off your face, Superman! You've just become… ‘the most dangerous man on Earth!'”

A great gift for collectors and Superman fans. Order yours today before they're all gone!

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