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Royal Canadian Mint

4 Coin Set - Weather Phenomenon - 4 x 1 oz Fine Silver Coins (2015-2017)

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Coin #1: 

Freezing rain and ice might bring the world to a halt, yet despite the precarious conditions, nature carries on. The weather barely clears and the birds are out, just like the evening grosbeaks on this coin. Each one shines with golden hues of yellow alongside red berries and a covered bridge that stand out from the landscape. And, with the application of a high gloss overlay, you will almost be convinced the ice on this coin is real!

Coin #2:

In nature, there are few displays of raw power that are more spectacular and breathtaking than the sudden flash of a lightning bolt against the dark sky. Through the innovative use of technology, all the power and light of a thunderstorm on a hot summer day blows across this coin's surface, re-creating Mother Nature's most electrifying light show to stunning effect—all in the palm of your hand. The artistry of the reverse can be appreciated in any light, but viewing it under a black light (included) activates the special technology that adds an intense vibrancy to the lightning bolts.

Coin #3: 

Few are immune to the feelings of wonder, hope and awe that stir at the sight of that many-hued arc, for no natural phenomenon is as welcome as the rainbow! After each rainfall, the young and young-at-heart search the skies, eager to identify the red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet hues that curve across the firmament. Legends may persist about what lies at a rainbow's end, but its appearance is certainly a joy in itself and easily lifts spirits as the dark, stormy skies clear. 

Coin #4: 

The fleeting beauty of a spectacular sunset inspires soul-stirring moments as many find themselves spellbound by the colour-soaked sky overhead. In its continuing celebration of weather phenomena across Canada, this pure silver coin recreates this spectacular day-to-night transformation in all of its breathtaking beauty and colourful intensity. View your coin under black light (included with your order) to see the hidden colours of an intensely fiery red sunset. Move to daylight/standard lighting and the same setting now appears to grow dim, just as it would after the sun has set. Once the coin has been sufficiently exposed to light, view the coin in total darkness to see how glow-in-the-dark technology recreates a moonlit night! 

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