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Royal Canadian Mint

1 oz. Pure Silver Coloured Coin - Majestic Animal: Canadian Lynx (2016)

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With its elusive behaviour and nocturnal habits, the solitary Canadian lynx (Lynx canadensis) has earned its reputation as a keeper of secrets. Its sudden appearance naturally commands attention, as much for the rarity of this occurrence as for the glimpse it offers of the wildcat's beautiful, distinctive features. Behind this feline's calm demeanour are the keen senses and sharp instincts of a skilled hunter, one that is perfectly adapted to the changing seasons that shape and define the Canadian wilderness.

The Canadian lynx is largely found in the boreal forests that stretch across much of the country, where it can easily hide among dense vegetation and fallen trees, or move along rocky ledges. While it is unable to sustain more than a short burst of speed, the lynx uses a stalk-and-ambush method to prey on its primary food source, the snowshoe hare, and catch it unawares in one fell swoop.

Special features:
  • Second coin issued in 2016 as part of the continuing Majestic Animal series, which celebrates Canada's most distinctive and iconic animal species.
  • 99.99% PURE SILVER COIN! Expertly crafted in 99.99% pure silver, your coin combines multiple finishes and selective colour over detailed engraving for a breathtaking wildlife portrait!
  • Only 6,500 coins worldwide — a limited work of art in its own right and highly collectible!
  • GST/HST exempt!
About the Design:

Designed by Canadian artist Denis Mayer Jr., your coin presents a life-like depiction of the Canadian lynx deep in the boreal forest. With its head turned to the side, the lynx remains calm and composed as it crouches low on its perch atop a rocky outcrop, which provides it with a higher view of the area below. Selective colour highlights the meticulously engraved portrait of this wild felid, capturing it in fine detail—from the varying colours of its thick fur, the beard-like ruff on both sides of its face, and the black-tinged ear tufts. The coloured moss and grasses at its broad feet add a fresh tinge of green and brown colours that contrast beautifully with the pale-coloured lynx, all against the engraved forest that looms in the background.


Your coin is encapsulated and presented in a Royal Canadian Mint-branded maroon clamshell with a custom beauty box.

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