1/4 oz Gold Coin Bar or Round - Pre Owned - Assorted Mints - .999+ Au

Our choice of 1/4 oz Gold product (Round or Coin or Bar, LBMA or Non-LBMA) to allow you to get your hands on the cheapest Gold you can get your hands on! This will always be 1/4 troy ounce of fine Gold at 999+ (could be higher). It can be a round, bar or coin and will be either LBMA or non-LBMA. This is for investors who want the cheapest silver without the premiums!

The items you receive will not necessarily be the ones shown in the pictures. These are examples of some of the pre-owned Gold products we receive in inventory. You will receive RANDOM 999+ Fine Gold Products.

Please Note, SOME of these products are subject to poor conditions due to them generally being circulated.

Be sure to add these low premium 1/4 oz .999+ Fine Gold products to your portfolio today!