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Royal Canadian Mint

Star Trek™ 2016 Canada Stamp and Coin Set - Royal Canadian Mint

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The striking coin combines detailed engraving with vibrant colour for a colourful ode to the legacy of the U.S.S. Enterprise (NCC-1701). The rich blue colour recreates the gaseous appearance of a nebula cloud and six different views of the U.S.S. Enterprise allow the viewer to examine the vessel from every angle: overhead, underside, bow, aft, starboard and portside. The engraved centre showcases the distinctive arrowhead-shaped Starfleet insignia.

If you love Star Trek, then this is the perfect gift for you or someone you know! Order today!

Special Features:
  • Join the celebration as the Star Trek television series marks its 50th anniversary! Beloved by Canadians, this sci-fi phenomenon is widely credited with inspiring innovation in our time.
  • OWN YOUR VERY OWN ENTERPRISE! This special set includes a Star Trek -themed coin and
    three collectible stamps, all in one unforgettable package.
  • The application of vibrant colour creates a stunning backdrop on the coin's design, while the
    six different views of the Enterprise allow fans to examine the iconic ship from every angle.
  • A MUST-HAVE FOR FANS! This affordable collectible is a unique opportunity to add a Star Trek memento to your coin or stamp collection.
  • SPECIAL STAR TREK FONT! The year "2016" is engraved in a special Star Trek font.
  • An official licensed product approved by CBS Studios.


Your coin design combines detailed engraving with vibrant colour application for a colourful ode to the legacy of the U.S.S. Enterprise (NCC-1701). Outer space serves as the dark background in the wide outer ring, while a rich blue colour recreates the gaseous appearance of a nebula cloud. Positioned in a circle, six different views of the Enterprise allow the viewer to examine the vessel's features from every angle: overhead, underside, bow, aft, starboard and portside. In the engraved-only centre is the distinctive arrowhead-shaped Starfleet insignia, with the word "CANADA", the face value "25 CENTS" and the year "2016" engraved alongside it in a special Star Trek font.

About the stamps:

The stamp on the cover features a classic head-and-shoulder photo of the legendary commander of the U.S.S. Enterprise, Captain James T. Kirk (played by Canadian actor William Shatner). Dressed in the gold uniform of Starfleet's command division, Kirk is positioned against a stunning space-themed background in which his beloved ship is depicted in orbit above a red-coloured planet.

Inside the custom packaging, two coil stamps bring together classic nemeses from the television series. On the left is an overhead view of what is arguably the most iconic spaceship of our time: the U.S.S. Enterprise. Cruising through the stars on her five-year mission of exploration and discovery, the ship is positioned in a way that provides a glimpse of her twin warp nacelles and distinctive saucer-shaped hull, which bears the registration number NCC-1701. Her counterpart in the Klingon Imperial Fleet, a D7-class battle cruiser, is depicted on the second stamp, as it appeared in the episode Day of the Dove. The ship's iconic long neck and bulbous command pod jut out from the spread-wing hull in a way that gives it an ominous and aggressive appearance.

Did you know…
  • Star Trek made its Canadian television debut two days earlier than the series' premiere on its own network!
  • Two models of the Enterprise were used throughout the series' production: an 11-foot studio model and a smaller "3-footer" used mostly for promotional shots.
  • The studio model of the Enterprise was significantly modified eight times after its original build in 1964. The last alteration came in 1967 during production of the famous episode The Trouble With Tribbles.
  • Within Star Trek's fictional timeline, the Enterprise served as a Starfleet vessel for 40 years and achieved her greatest fame under the five-year command of Captain Kirk (played by Canadian actor William Shatner).
  • Throughout the franchise's history, several incarnations of the ship were also named
    U.S.S. Enterprise. The Enterprise from The Original Series is identified by its (fictional) registration number NCC-1701, while subsequent Enterprise ships are distinguished with a different letter
    (e.g. NCC-1701-B).
  • A replica of the Enterprise was erected in 1995 in Vulcan, Alberta, where the annual "Spock Days" draws Star Trek fans from around the world!

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