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Royal Canadian Mint

Looney Tunes™ Classic Scenes: The Rabbit of Seville - 2015 Canada 2 oz Pure Silver Coloured Coin - Royal Canadian Mint

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A hapless hunter that is easily duped, Elmer J. Fudd is the perfect foil to Bugs Bunny’s easy-going demeanour and wily antics. Starting with Bugs Bunny’s first appearance in 1940, the two share a long history of antagonizing one another that plays out to great laughs in many cartoons together—but none quite as beloved and iconic as the animated masterpiece The Rabbit of Seville, which is depicted on this coin’s reverse.

Released in theatres on December 16, 1950, The Rabbit of Seville was the first Looney Tunes short to parody a classic opera—but wouldn’t be the last! The story takes place at the Hollywood Bowl; pursued by Elmer Fudd, Bugs Bunny tries to elude the hunter by tricking him into venturing on-stage just before a staged production of Rossini’s most famous opera, The Barber of Seville. Through escalating gags and barbershop antics that could only exist in the imagination, Bugs takes control and stages his own version of the opera—at Elmer’s expense, of course.

Remarkably, Rossini’s overture was left fairly intact, with the exception of some light editing to remove repetitive passages and a slightly sped-up tempo that helps the action stay within a six-minute running length. The battle is an animated tour de force, with comedic storytelling timed perfectly to the music of a celebrated opera.

These cartoon capers have made us all laugh, and also introduced classical music and opera to many who would have never known Rossini’s The Barber of Seville, had it not been for one “wascally wabbit” and a hapless hunter.

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Special features:
•   An ode to a classic Looney Tunes cartoon, the design depicts a scene from The Rabbit of Seville featuring Bugs Bunny and Elmer Fudd.
•   Crafted from 99.99% pure silver, this coin is striking thanks to the combined use of selective colour, expert engraving and multiple finishes.
•   Each coin comes packaged in a box that mimics an ACME crate, which was a fixture in Looney Tunes shorts whenever a character would have something shipped to them!
•   Your coin is GST/HST exempt.

About the Design:
The reverse image, provided by Warner Bros., brings together selective colouring and expert engraving in this ode to the famous and much-loved Looney Tunes short, The Rabbit of Seville. Seen in side-profile and in colour, Elmer Fudd is seated in a barber chair as he leans forward to peer into a mirror held up by a self-possessed Bugs Bunny; upon seeing his reflection, he is shocked to find Bugs’ barbershop antics have resulted in a flowery “mane” of bright red flowers on the top of his bald head. Enhanced by the use of multiple finishes, the engraved background offers a depiction of the stage setting, as seen in the 1950 animated short.

Your coin is encapsulated, and presented in an ACME wood crate with a graphic beauty box.

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