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Royal Canadian Mint

Connecting Canadian History Puzzle Set (1866-1916) - 2019 Canada Pure Silver Coin Set - Royal Canadian Mint

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While Canada’s first puzzle coin inm5 2017 celebrated Canada 150 (and sold out in minutes), this new 2018 puzzle coin set tells the story of a nation’s character between 1866 and 1916 – from the eve of Confederation through the five decades that followed. This impressively sized (123.7 mm) set consists of 14 individual coins that piece together to tell the story of the first half century of the
Dominion of Canada.

The selectively gold-plated image on the $50 centrepiece features the original Centre Block of Parliament which was completed (for the Province of Canada) in 1866 and served as the political heart of the young Dominion of Canada until it was destroyed by fire in 1916. The outer ring is comprised of 13 linked puzzle-shaped pieces that feature sepia-toned reproductions of original photographs from Library and Archives Canada, all dating from the same seminal half century of our nation. The images on these $20 coins go beyond the dates and events found in history textbooks: they speak of progress and enduring traditions of an evolving nation beginning to forge its identity.


  • PIECES OF CANADA’S HISTORY: The Royal Canadian Mint’s second puzzle coin set dives into the pages of history for a visual exploration of Canada’s identity from1866 to 1916.
  • A NATION’S PHOTO ALBUM: The 13 outer puzzleshaped pieces feature sepia-toned reproductions of photographs from the collection of Library and Archives Canada, the national institution tasked with preserving Canada’s documentary heritage. Each of these images represents a different theme, from Canada’s most influential prime ministers to photographs representing culture, industry and transport.
  • FIRST OBVERSE TO FEATURE THREE HISTORIC EFFIGIES: Each jigsaw puzzle-shaped piece includes the effigy of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II on its obverse, but the centre coin is the FIRST to combine THREE historic effigies: Queen Victoria, King Edward VII and King George V.
  • TOUCHES OF GOLD: In addition to the gold-coloured frames on the 13 outer pieces, the centre coin features selective gold plating on its depiction of the Centre Block building and along the rim, as well as the combined effigies on the obverse.
  • ENCAPSULATED AND ENCLOSED: No assembly required! The completed puzzle comes beautifully encapsulated and packaged in a wooden collector case with black beauty box.
  • OUR FIRST PUZZLE COIN QUICKLY SOLD OUT! With a very low mintage of just 800 coins worldwide, this is likely to be an equally limited collecting opportunity. A must-have for numismatists and history enthusiasts!

Like pieces of a larger puzzle that is the story of Canada, the reverse design by artist Tony Bianco reflects on the Canadian experience during its first five decades — from the eve of Confederation to the devastating fire on Parliament Hill.

Engraved maple leaves and keys serve as a unifying element across all 14 coins, including the 13 puzzle-shaped pieces that form the outer ring. On the reverse of these interlocking pieces, a touch of metallic gold colour frames a sepia-toned reproduction of an original photograph from the collection of Library and Archives Canada. Each of these images represent a different theme, such as (clockwise from top): Sir John A. Macdonald, the first Canadian prime minister and the Statesman of a New Nation; the Northwest Mounted Police established in 1873; Canada’s tradition of agriculture in Sowing for Tomorrow; the Klondike Gold Rush of 1896; the forests and loggers that contributed to Building Canada; Canadian Pacific Railway Locomotive No. 374, the Iron Horse Across Canada; Sir Wilfrid Laurier, a prime minister known for The Art of Compromise; Canada’s 8th governor-general and his wife, Lord and Lady Minto, skating in Winter on the Rideau Canal; a horse-drawn Royal Mail cart; the Fishery tradition on Canada’s coasts; S.S. Virginian, a steam-powered transatlantic liner Arriving in Canada; the totem poles of Alert Bay, B.C., that are a cultural representation of First Peoples; and the westward journey of settlers in Westward Bound.

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