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Royal Canadian Mint

Bighorn Sheep - Majestic Animal - 2015 Canada 1 oz Pure Silver Coloured Coin - Royal Canadian Mint

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With its distinctively curved horns, the bighorn sheep is one of the most widely-recognised species to inhabit the alpine meadows and elevated terrain of Canada's Rocky Mountains. Its agility is remarkable and well-suited to its surroundings, where it bounds up the rocky slopes to reach seemingly inaccessible ledges with ease. Now, the Royal Canadian Mint proudly celebrates this wild sheep species with a stunning fine silver coin.

An enduring symbol of power, strength and endurance, the bighorn sheep is a rugged Canadian icon – as made evident by its name Ovis canadensis, meaning "sheep belonging to Canada."

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Special features:
•   Celebrate an icon that is synonymous with the rugged beauty and wilderness of Canada's Rocky Mountains.
•   The use of selective colouring brings a new dimension to the finely-detailed engraving and beautifully showcases the big-horned sheep, as it would appear in its natural setting!
•   Crafted from 99.99% pure silver, with limited mintage worldwide.
•   A stunning addition to any nature-, wilderness- or Canadiana-themed collection.
•   A dazzling gift for outdoor enthusiasts, travellers and collectors alike.
•   Your coin is GST/HST exempt!

Coin design:
The coin's reverse skillfully recreates the awe-inspiring landscape of Canada's Rocky Mountains, which fills the background in this timeless portrait of a bighorn sheep. Leaning on its front legs, the bighorn is poised on a rocky slope with its head turned slightly to the left, as though something on the horizon has captured the animal's attention. The use of colour combined with expert engraving showcase the bighorn's majestic features, which seem perfectly suited to the mighty peaks that tower above the pristine wilderness in the background.

Did you know...
•   While the bighorn sheep may lack a keen sense of smell or hearing, its acute eyesight allows it to detect the slightest movement more than a kilometre away in the open mountain landscape.
•   The impressively curled horns are characteristic of males, or rams, and can weigh more than its entire skeleton; the female, or ewe, has shorter horns that are similar to spikes.
•   The bighorn sheep is able to move along rocky ledges as narrow as 5 centimetres deep thanks to its split hooves, which feature both a hard outer edge that can grip the rocky surface and a softer, pliable inner pad.
•   Grass is the bighorn sheep's staple diet; large quantities of undigested grass can be stored in its four-part stomach, allowing the bighorn to move to higher ground where it can regurgitate, chew and digest the grasses.
•   The bighorn is a social animal; rams and ewes live separately in herds with a well-established social structure, meeting only during the fall mating season.

Your coin is encapsulated and presented in a Royal Canadian Mint-branded maroon clamshell with a custom beauty box.

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