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Royal Canadian Mint

10 oz. Pure Silver Coin – The Armorial Bearings of the Dominion of Canada - Mintage: 800 (2020)

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Dated May 26, 1868, a royal warrant of Her Majesty Queen Victoria granted individual arms to the first four provinces of the newly formed Dominion of Canada: Ontario, Quebec, Nova Scotia and New Brunswick. It further stated that these provincial arms were to be quartered for use as a Great Seal for the new country. While the quartered arms were never used for the Great Seal of Canada, the four-province shield was adopted as the heraldic emblem of the Dominion of Canada. It appeared on the flag of the Governor General of Canada, as well as the Canadian Blue Ensign and the Canadian Red Ensign flown at sea. As more provinces joined Confederation, emblematic devices continued to be (informally) added to the Dominion shield until 1921, when it was replaced with the duly authorized Arms of Canada.

Special features:
  • A HISTORIC DESIGN FOR CANADA: This 10 oz. coin features the first herald shield of Canada. The four-province shield from 1868 predates the Great Seal of Canada (1870) and was adopted as the armorial emblem of the Dominion of Canada.
  • THE HUNT FOR HISTORICAL TREASURES: We dug deep into Library and Archives Canada's collection to find the original design by Sir Charles George Young, the Garter King of Arms at the College of Arms in England, as well as a letter dated April 8, 1868 and addressed to Richard Grenville, third Duke of Buckingham and Chandos and secretary to the colonies from 1867 to 1868.
  • INCLUDES SPECIAL CERTIFICATE: Each coin comes with a special insert so you can view the original drawing.
  • RESEMBLES THE ORIGINAL DRAWING: A paper finish transforms the look of the engraved design so that it resembles the original drawing.
  • INCLUDES SELECTIVE GOLD PLATING: Selective gold plating adds contrasting colour and an elegant gleam to the engraved artwork.
  • INTERPRETING THE PAST: Royal Canadian Mint engravers interpreted the original pen and ink drawing and scaled it to fit this unforgettable 10 oz. coin. It also includes a few revised elements that were suggested by the Duke of Buckingham after the design was submitted in 1868.
  • A LARGE COIN THAT'S BIG ON HISTORY: Crafted from 10 oz. of99.99% pure silver, this large-sized (76.25 mm) coin will delight collectors of rare, unique and historical-themed treasures.
  • 10 OZ. 99.99% PURE SILVER COIN: Your $100 coin is 99.99% pure silver, with a diameter of 76.25 millimetres and a nominal metal weight of 311.54 grams (10 oz.).

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