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Royal Canadian Mint

1/2 oz. Fine Silver Coin - Harlequin Duck - Mintage: 10,000 (2014)

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This beautiful fine silver coin features the Harlequin duck—the “fancy lord and lady” of Canada's east and west coasts. Named for the male's bright colouring, which resembles the clothing of the zany Harlequin character of traditional Italian commedia dell'arte, this pretty little duck is a strong swimmer with a distinctive mouse-like squeal. It winters on the rocky, isolated shores of Canada's east and west coasts, moving inland to fast-moving fresh-water streams for breeding season from May to September.

Histrionicus histrionicus is considered a species of conservation concern in Canada, especially in the east. It is a relatively uncommon duck remarkable for the male's colouring and its unique call. While the male bears slate blue, white, black, and russet plumage, the female and young are a more subdued brown, giving them camouflage against predators.

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Special features:
•  The 4th coin in the Royal Canadian Mint's popular Ducks of Canada series celebrating the life and habits of a beloved Canadian duck species, the Harlequin duck.
•  Beautifully portrayed and selectively coloured, this engraved 99.99% pure silver coin highlights the colourful beauty of the Harlequin duck and the craftsmanship of RCM engravers.
•  As with the other coins in this series, portions of the image extend past the inner frame of the reverse, giving the image a unique three-dimensional appearance.
•  Your coin is GST/HST exempt with a limited worldwide mintage.

Your coin features a pair of Harlequin ducks standing on rocks in a fast-moving stream. Engraved and selectively coloured, the image centres on a profile portrait of the brightly coloured male, its characteristic blue and russet plumage marked with bright white lines and spots outlined in black. The white dot behind its eye and white colouring above its dark bill are shared by the female, who stands behind him on the left side of the image. Her light brown-grey body faces the viewer and her face is presented in profile, to highlight her facial markings. Both stand with their strong webbed feet spread sturdily atop small rocks covered with moss that jut from the freshwater rapids of their summer breeding habitat. The rapids rise behind the ducks, far into the background, lending the scene a dynamic feel.

Your coin is encapsulated and presented in a Royal Canadian Mint-branded maroon clamshell with black beauty box.

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