What Are the Advantages of Buying and Selling Silver Bullion?

What Are the Advantages of Buying and Selling Silver Bullion?

Like gold, silver is a precious metal that people are attracted to for a number of reasons. As an investor, you may be wondering which of the two is the better investment – gold or silver? The short answer is that it really depends on your age and financial goals.

The general rule of thumb is that at least 5% to 10% of your investment portfolio should be dedicated to these precious metals. You’ll need to carefully consider some factors before deciding to split that up between silver and gold.

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One thing to consider is that gold is more expensive than silver. This makes it easier to buy silver in bulk as you receive a discount on premiums for buying silver and gold bullion in large quantities. So in this case, you’d be able to buy more silver than you would be able to buy gold.

Another thing to note is that silver has a higher growth ceiling than gold. This is good to know if you are looking for long-term investments, as you have a chance of seeing a silver bull market somewhere down the road.

If you want to make a small, long-term investment, then 100% silver bullion may not be a bad choice. For larger longer-term investments, you could split it to 70% silver and 30% gold. On the flip side, if wealth preservation is your main goal, then you could go 70% gold and 30% silver so that the latter can protect your assets while still giving you room to grow.

Ultimately, though, it all depends on your financial preferences, and you should definitely consider your options before jumping in. At Global Bullion Suppliers, we have a large silver collection available with many products to choose from so that no matter what kind of investment you want to make, we have what you need to get started.

A Name You Can Trust

Global Bullion Suppliers is a reliable source of quality bullion products. As a registered DNA dealer with the Royal Canadian Mint, you can trust that you are purchasing bullion from reputable brands, ensuring their purity and genuineness.

We have been a trusted name in the Canadian marketplace for over 10 years. We encourage new customers to visit our storefront location in downtown Toronto and come meet us face-to-face to get to know us better and ask any questions that they may have. At this location you will also find our sister store Muzeum where you can sell your silver bullion for the highest prices in the industry.

You may also know us as the user globalbullion on eBay where we have a flawless 100% positive feedback score. We are one of two Canadian eBay bullion dealers who have the authority to sell bullion on eBay. Over the years, we have built up a reputation of being a reliable source of quality bullion, and we are confident that you will enjoy every interaction with us – whether you come to visit, make a call, contact us via email, or even decide to make a purchase. You won’t be disappointed!

Quality Silver Bullion

Popular Types of Silver Bullion

You can purchase bullion either as a coin, round, or bar/ingot. Essentially, they are all the same in that if you purchase 1 oz of silver bullion (no matter the kind) then the value of the bullion you purchase will always be 1 oz. That being said, coins are a bit of special case and have certain qualities that can affect their worth in comparison to the others:

  1. Design – Coins are usually minted by a government entity and have intricate designs on them like the South African mint coin which has a beautiful depiction of an antelope on the reverse.
  2. Legal Tender Attribution – This type of bullion is the only one that will have legal tender attributed to it (assigned by the government that mints the coin).
  3. Overall Purity – While bars and rounds have a 99.90% (999) purity, most coins come at 99.99% (9999).

Some investors believe that coins are the better investment because it will be easier to get a higher premium when trying to resell them (though you purchase them at a higher premium as well). This is largely dependent on the dealer you sell to, and also if you decide to sell to numismatists who are interested in collecting coins.

One of the most popular choices of silver coin is the Canadian Silver Maple Leaf which is released annually by the Royal Canadian Mint. It has a face value of $5 and silver content of 99.99% making it among the finest of the official bullion coins sold worldwide. Investors not only value the coin for its purity and quality make, but also because of the advanced security features included of radial lines and a micro-engraved laser mark.

We believe that any kind of silver is a good investment, whether you are interested in purchasing bullion coins, rounds, or bars. If you are interested in purchasing large amounts of silver bullion then you could consider one of our newer additions, the 100 oz 2019 silver bar that was released by PAMP Suisse in late June 2019.

Currently, this bar is in high demand due to its pristine design, clean minting, and high level of quality. PAMP Suisse is a world-renowned precious metals refinery based out of Switzerland and a brand you can trust. The 100 oz will make the perfect addition to any investment portfolio.

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If you’re ready to add precious metals like silver bullion to your portfolio, then be sure to make your purchase from a name you can trust – Global Bullion Suppliers. We have everything you need to meet your investment goals with a wide range of bullion options in multiple quantities and sizes.

Have any questions? We’d be happy to answer them for you, and invite you to stop by our store so that we can help you out in person.

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