Depiction of the best twitter feeds for silver news

The Best Twitter Feeds for Silver News

Twitter is a great place to blow off some steam. With over 328 million active users posting 500 million tweets a day (on average), Twitter has the kind of popularity that is second only to Facebook's. Lots of people use Twitter as a news source, or at least a one-line 'news-blub' source.

There are two great things Twitter offer people interested in the best silver news. First, cutting edge live insight from industry leaders, in just about of any industry you are following. Second, the opportunity to read breaking news aggregated from all the major news outlets. Given these points, we asked what exactly are the best Twitter feeds for silver news?

The Top 10 Best Twitter Feeds for Silver News

Like you, we do a lot of reading on investing in the silver market: from mining output to industrial uses. It helps us keep up-to-date with silver price fluctuations, and craft this article . Below, arranged in no particular order, we share the best Twitter feeds for silver news.

Pure News

Wheaton PM @Wheaton_PM - Wheaton PM is a Vancouver-based mining company with an excellent Twitter profile. With Wheaton, you get plenty of business-centric posts, but in the mix of you also get some excellent commentary on the silver bullion market. This account is worth keeping tabs on, but doesn’t need to be everyday reading.

Kitco News - @KitcoNewsNOW - Kitco News is your one stop shop for daily price listings of gold, silver, and bitcoin. The great thing about Kitco is they link to different Twitter accounts for insight into a story. We like to use Kitco as a jumping off point to reach further into the Twitter universe.

Silver Gold News - @SilverGold_News - What we like most about Silver Gold News is that they consistently post links to leading editorial content. Based out of London, in the UK, they are also special because they have a downloadable news and pricing app.

Market Movements

The Bullion Desk - @TBDesk - Part of FastMarkets, The Bullion Desk has crystal clear attitude towards reporting on the markets. They have a great mix of charts and research relating to Silver and other precious metals.

Silver Investing - @INN_Silver - We love reading posts from Resource Investing's sub-account Silver Investing. They highlight real-time market movements, as well as the importance of silver in product manufacturing of the future. This is a trend that many traders overlook, but will increase the value of silver in the mid to long-term. Especially considering rapid Chinese and Indian development, and African potential.

Silver Phoenix 500 - @SilverPheonix50 - Silver Phoenix is all about market news and analysis. From trends to economic opinions, they are a great tool to stay updated on Silver-specific issues.

SilverSeek - @SilverSeekcom - SilverSeek has been around for over 15 years and specializes in  "silver market news and information". They have live price charts and even commentary. However, their Twitter is really a great source for daily market updates.

Insightful Feeds

Peter Schiff - @PeterSchiff - Peter Schiff is constantly posting interesting things about silver bullion. He brings years of investment experience to the table and breaks down complex issues with simple analogies – all focused on explaining the value of silver and gold.

Robert T. Kiyosaki - @theRealKiyosaki - Robert created RichDad, an educational investment program designed to help average investors hit it big. He’s tremendously popular, and carries himself with candour and a sense of humour. You’ll find nuggets of life wisdom on his feed as well as investment tips pertaining to silver.

Silver Bullion - - Silver Bullion is a place for lovers of silver to congregate. The posts are very specific and full of details the average investor might not know about. Reading it on a consistent basis will give you tons of knowledge about silver coins and bullion, so you no longer need to feel ill-prepared when looking to buy or sell.

Why follow the best twitter feeds for silver news?

Staying appraised of metals market developments can be timely and following these accounts will give you more than an update about daily price changes. Like Global Bullion - @bullionsupplier -  will provide insight into the “why” and “how” of silver bullion and track the deep forces that affect daily price fluctuations. Since we are all strapped for time these days, keep in mind that with Twitter you don’t have to read lengthy posts to get the point!

Much like other social sources, Twitter is one of the best places to get more than what's presented on mainstream news. It also gets you access to the raw and unfiltered opinions of just about everyone. Now the best Twitter feeds for silver news need to go beyond quoting insights based on Donald Trump tweets. Unfortunately for silver investors, there are no clear-cut sources or benchmarks. None of the best Twitter feeds for silver news are going to go beyond educated pundits. Why? It's just too hard to do.

The best Twitter feeds for Silver News are broad in content and authentic in style.

Nobody wants opinions from people who live in a box. Our world is far to interconnected for that to work. So where do you look for the best Twitter feeds for silver news? You need feeds that combine supply and demand in the silver bullion industry with insight into macroeconomic trends. So we looked to investment bankers, private equity investors, and financial analysts who often post insightful commentary on silver. We take these with a grain of salt, however. If you have the attention, looking at official silver news accounts, major miners, and industry reports can make a positive contribution to your understanding.

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