Royal Canadian Mint

1/2 oz 2019 Gold Maple Leaf Coin - RCM .9999 AU - Royal Canadian Mint

The Royal Canadian Mint are considered one of the most well known bullion refineries. The Gold Maple Leaf Bullion coin has provided great ways for individuals to invest and collect in gold bullion.

The obverse of the Gold Maple Leaf features Queen Elizabeth II, while the reverse of this gold coin depicts the iconic Canadian Maple Leaf. The Maple Leaf bullion coins are. 9999 fine pure gold and are some of the world’s foremost gold bullion coins. The Maple leaf’s classic design is recognized across the globe and its fineness and bullion content bring about a valued investment.

The 2018 Gold Maple Leafs feature a light-diffracting pattern of radial lines, making the coins harder to duplicate.

Be sure to add this elegant 1/2 oz Gold 2018 Maple Leaf Coin into your collection today!