Is it Time to Sell Your Bullion to Global Bullion?

Is it Time to Sell Your Bullion to Global Bullion?

Do you have any gold or silver bullion saved, and are wondering whether or not now’s a good time to sell? Maybe you are looking for some extra cash for the holidays – Christmas is right around the corner, after all, and it’s an extremely expensive time of year! Wouldn’t it be great to have some extra cash flow in order to buy presents, host parties, and the like?

You may already know that gold is a good investment because it is considered a crisis commodity – meaning that during times of economic uncertainty, investors, and even countries, will buy up gold because it is a reliable, physical means of carrying wealth. Needless to say, with the tensions between the U.S. and China of late, both gold and silver have seen record-breaking highs in regards to value.

That all being said, there have been recent talks between the U.S and China with signs of an improvement in their situation, and so the economic climate seems to be steadying. Consequently, gold and silver prices have been dropping.

But before you think, “Oh, then that means I shouldn’t sell my bullion?” keep in mind that the prices are still relatively high. In fact, according to Mark Hulbert of Market Watch, it still is higher than 70% of all daily readings since 2000. So really, you will still be making a profit – especially if you invested in your bullion when it was relatively cheaper!

Where to Sell Your Bullion

If you’re convinced that it’s time then you should sell your bullion to a trusted source like Global Bullion partnered with Muzeum (located in the same building). There are so many stores out there that are trying to buy your gold, but the truth is that most of them don’t have your best interests at heart!

Many of them will try to low-ball you on how much your stuff is worth, won’t bother explaining where they are getting their prices from, and are often unfriendly or unwelcoming – sometimes they can even be bullies! Check out this blogTO post by Robyn Urback where every gold buyer visited starts off with an incredibly low (even ridiculous in one case) amount and the experiences are just generally unsettling.

We guarantee 100% that this will not happen at Global Bullion! Our services are incredibly professional and our store is well-presented, wide-open, and welcoming. Our staff members are friendly and always happy to help – even if you just want to drop in and ask questions!

we buy your gold

This is because our business is built on the same principles and values that the Great Canadian Roadshow was made from, which is our parent company. We are a group of passionate collectors who are interested in preserving and sharing in the beauty that is rare collectibles, fine jewellery, and precious metals (which is what Global Bullion focuses on). We consider ourselves caretakers of your precious items – no matter what they may be – and we take pride in acting on your behalf in order to ensure that you are getting the most money for your gold bullion.

We are able to do this because of our extensive network of collectors, buyers and sellers, experts, and end-users. If we don’t buy what you bring in – we can find someone who will. For Global Bullion and all who work there, it’s all about our ability to deliver experience and knowledge to our valued customers, and this underscores our value proposition. We combine our expertise with a solid reputation and proven judgement to better inform and service you, and find that with this approach we are able to find buyers who are willing to pay significantly higher amounts for your goods.

A Legacy Built on Trust

Before even bringing your gold and silver bullion into our store you can see their market value right on our website. These prices are updated hourly and are reflective of the precious’ metals value in today’s current market environment.

We believe in offering transparent services so that you feel comfortable selling your gold and silver bullion to us. That’s why we always base our prices on market value – never the insured value – and make it clear on our website what our prices are based off of. As your trusted bullion buyer in Toronto you never have to wonder if you are being taken advantage of, or if there was a way that you could have gotten more money than what you were offered.

What Kind of Bullion Does Global Bullion Buy?

When we talk about bullion we are referring to investment-grade precious metals like gold and silver. They are typically weighed by Troy Ounces or in Grams and come in a variety of forms including coins, rounds, and bars or ingots. Gold bullion must have a purity of 99.5% and silver must have a purity of 99.9% to be considered bullion and to be tax exempt in Canada.


Bullion coins are minted by a government-entity and have legal tender attributed to them. While typically the precious-metal value will always be higher than the face value of the coin, these pieces actually come with a premium cost due to their intricate and desirable designs. We will always apply a premium payout to coins.

Popular bullion coins that we buy:

  • Maple Leaf
  • Eagle
  • Libertad
  • Krugerrand
  • Kangaroo
  • Philharmonic
  • Brittania


In contrast to coins, the value of a bar, ingot, or round bullion is based solely on its precious metal content. They were never intended for circulation and thus do not have a legal tender attributed to them. Because of this they are generally sold at a lower premium than a coin, and are also bought at a lower premium as well. That all being said, we guarantee our bullion payout prices will always be the highest.

Prices That Won’t Be Beat

Do you have any gold or silver bullion that you’d like to sell? Global Bullion will buy your bullion for prices higher than anyone else. Don’t believe us? If someone offers you better, simply bring their quote to our store including the spot prices and we will beat it. You have nothing to lose!

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