The Best Twitter Feeds for Gold News

The Best Twitter Feeds for Gold News

Want to learn about gold? What are the best Twitter Feeds for Gold News?

From the shiny metal's latest value to mining news to any updates related to this precious metal, what is the are the best places to get gold news? You might be visiting news sites and analyst columns but Twitter remains a useful source for all news related to a niche topic.

After all, almost two-thirds of Americans get their news from social media, according to a 2016 report. We here at GBS wanted to make this opportunity easy for you by listing the top Twitter feeds for gold news. Below, we profile news sites, analysts, specialists and gold aficionados who can help you navigate anything you need to know about gold's value.

The Best Twitter Feeds for Gold News, in no particular order...

Gold Investing News is highly respected for tweeting the latest news on gold mining projects, columns related to gold and the performance of gold-related stocks. They also run polls to gauge the sentiments of their audience, such as a tweet looking at whether President Trump will bring back the gold standard. Spoiler alert: 48% of respondents say "No."


Breaking Gold News is busy curator of the latest gold news, evidenced by a quick glance at its feed. A deeper survey lets us check out stories on the economy, blockchain and other facets of financial life that may be associated with precious metals. We're not a huge fan of how often it retweets content unrelated to gold, but there are still many gems to find with Breaking Gold News.


James Turk is a financial analyst who began publishing the Freemarket Gold & Money Report in March 1987 focusing primarily on precious metals and national currencies. Now he's active on Twitter, posting about why he thinks gold may be undervalued, for example, and illustrative charts showing gold's value growth. He doesn't post very often but when he does his analysis is worth a read.


The Gold Report, from the Streetwise Reports team, doesn't just tweet investment coverage related to gold, but also on silver, base metals, critical metals. It can take some work to sort through the many tweets unrelated to gold, but such curation could also expose you to new ideas and breaking news related to metals investment. It's always interesting to learn about gold's far reach, such as the Report's tweet about gold's relationship with Japan.


JLN Metals is similar to the above feed in that the social content is not just focused on gold but precious metals in general. There's a lot of meaty stuff here, especially when they RT informative articles from the likes of The New York Times and the Wall Street Journal. Don't expect too much original analysis here, though.


KoosJansen calls himself "Bullion Star" and he's not far off. Thing is, he's a gold specialist specializing in the Chinese market, so you Canadians might not get a lot of Great White North news. Unlike some other feeds, Jansen will add his insight and commentary onto his quoted tweets, alerting us to a concept or criticism that should be top-of-mind for that article's readers. He's also savvy with the data visuals and often tweets gold stock charts that might be of interest to precious metals investors.


Lawrie Williams might not be the most active tweeter but as a long-time contributor to financial news networks, his posts are nonetheless worth highlighting. He almost exclusively tweets his posts from his blog, and even if that navel-gazing is a social media faux pas, his knowledge of the industry is not worth dismissing. He brings experience and strong writing skills to his posts, which many social media users can learn from.


Peter A. Grant isn't just a gold zealot but also a smart tweeter who keeps us updated on financial and investment news, particuarly for an American audience. He tweets gold prices regularly, reports on how politics can influence its value, and gives us a taste of other analysts' work. Grant is very active on Twitter, so if you're a social media fiend who is often online, he might be your best bet.

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