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1967 Canadian Sealed Proof Like Mint Set - 6 Coins Total - 4 Silver 80% AG Coins - Royal Canadian Mint

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The Canadian sealed proof like mint set and get roughly 1.11 fine ounces of silver. The set will come with the following coins:

1x1967 Canadian Silver Dollar - 80% Silver - Weight: 23.33 g
1x1967 Canadian Silver 50 Cent Piece - 80% Silver - Weight: 11.66 g
1x1967 Canadian Silver 25 Cent Piece - 80% Silver - Weight: 5.83 g
1x1967 Canadian Silver 10 Cent Piece - 80% Silver - Weight: 2.31 g
1x1967 Canadian Nickel 5 Cent Piece - Weight: 4.59 g
1x1967 Canadian Bronze Penny - Weight: 3.24 g

The Canadian Proof Like Mint Set is minted by the Royal Canadian Mint. It comes with 6 coins that are uncirculated Canadian coins in which 4 are made with 80% silver 20% copper alloy. This product contains approximately 1.11 troy ounces of fine silver. The 1967 Canadian Proof Like Set is the last year this set was available for sale.

Note that each set's conditions will vary but we guarantee the year. The picture shown is simply a stock photo and the variation of conditions can vary.

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