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1965 Canadian Sealed Proof Like Mint Set - 6 Coins Total - 4 Silver 80% AG Coins - Royal Canadian Mint

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The Canadian sealed proof like mint set and get roughly 1.11 fine ounces of silver. The set will come with the following coins:

1x1965 Canadian Silver Dollar - 80% Silver - Weight: 23.33 g
1x1965 Canadian Silver 50 Cent Piece - 80% Silver - Weight: 11.66 g
1x1965 Canadian Silver 25 Cent Piece - 80% Silver - Weight: 5.83 g
1x1965 Canadian Silver 10 Cent Piece - 80% Silver - Weight: 2.31 g
1x1965 Canadian Nickel 5 Cent Piece - Weight: 4.59 g
1x1965 Canadian Bronze Penny - Weight: 3.24 g

The Canadian Proof Like Mint Set is minted by the Royal Canadian Mint. It comes with 6 coins that are uncirculated Canadian coins in which 4 are made with 80% silver 20% copper alloy. This product contains approximately 1.11 troy ounces of fine silver.

Note that each set's conditions will vary but we guarantee the year. The picture shown is simply a stock photo and the variation of conditions can vary.

Please note, taxes must be paid on this product.

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