Royal Canadian Mint

$20 Face Value Bag of 80% Canadian Circulated Silver Coin - 0.800 AG Coins - Royal Canadian Mint

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Buy Canadian Silver Dollars and half dollars close to spot and get roughly 23.3276 grams of 80% silver or 11.65g of 80% silver . Each silver coin is selected from our vault depending on current stocks, and the year will vary.

When you buy a Canadian Silver Dollar or half dollar from Global Bullion you are getting real and circulated currency often purchased directly from the public. That means these coins were put into the money supply and unlike bullion, will always bear a historic and numismatic relevance.

We guarantee that every time you buy a Canadian Silver Dollar, you are getting a Royal Canadian Mint product made at the 80% standard and containing no less than 0.6000 troy ounces of fine silver or 0.300 fine ounces of silver. Note that each coin will vary and that we cannot guarantee a specific year. 

This product contains $20 face value of Canadian circulated coins minted by the Royal Canadian Mint! This bag can contain for example 20 x $1 CAD or 40 x $0.50  CAD or even a combination of both. All coins will be 80% and add up to $20 Face Value. This product contains 12 fine ounces of silver Total (ASW). This product does not ship in the bag shown in the picture.

Please note, taxes must be paid on this product.

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