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500 x 1 oz Silver 2020 Maple Leaf Coin - Monster Box .9999 Fine Ag - Royal Canadian Mint

1 - 1 $18,871.78 $18,871.78
2 - 2 $18,771.78 $18,771.78
3 - 3+ $18,711.78 $18,711.78
1+ $19,615.91 $20,400.55
2+ $19,400.23 $20,176.24
3+ $19,310.11 $20,082.51
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 Since its introduction in 1988, the iconic Silver Maple Leaf (SML) has been a highly sought-after Royal Canadian Mint bullion investment coin. The SML is minted with one troy ounce (31.11 grams) of 9999 fine silver, and has a face value of $5, the highest face value on the market for any comparable silver bullion coin. All 1-ounce 99.99% pure SML Bullion coins produced for 2014 and beyond will have two new and unique features for enhanced security.3A monster box provides you with 500 of these silver coins divided into 25 sealed plastic tubes.

Each coin is guaranteed in fineness and quality by the Royal Canadian Mint. Silver Maple Leaf Coins are normally sold in protective RCM tubes when purchased in multiples of 25. Sold in multiples of 500, they are packed as 500 oz monster boxes. 

Each 1 oz Silver Maple Leaf coin is minted of a minimum .9999 purity.

2020 Silver Maple Leaf coins make an excellent investment, and are aesthetically appealing. For over a century, the Maple Leaf has been a national Canadian symbol. For decades, the Mint's integrity and high quality has made most collectors want to buy Silver Maple Leafs, increasingly, online.

Security Features: Each of these fine bullion Maples is adorned with a secure "19" privy maple leaf marking, as well as laser engravings. These notable features help prevent fraud by ensuring that every post-2015 1 oz Silver Maple Leaf coin you buy online can be authenticated to the Mint's databases.

Be sure to add this 1 oz Silver 2020 Maple Leaf Coin from the Royal Canadian Mint to your portfolio today!